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20 + hours of
In-depth Video Training

From the very basics of how the forex market works, to advanced money management  & fundamental trading strategies, our training is perfectly organized to provide you the exact information you need to scale. A quiz is attached to each video to assure all information is consumed.

Macro Trade Alerts

Daily alerts to all academy members regarding our position activity, market moving macro events, trade recaps & the weekly directional bias of our major currencies. Also an area to contact senior traders directly for any questions regarding the current state of markets.

1v1 Mentorship

Every single member inside of the academy has an assigned senior trader guiding them throughout the markets & the 45 day program. This has been the game changing advantage to all of our members. This isn't just a video course. We will monitor all you do personally.

Member Giveaways

To encourage responsible & successful trading, we created Member Rewards & Top Trader of the Week. Our members win funding for their trading account, trading gear & more. This encourages new members to keep pushing through the program & stay focused to the end goal, consistency.
"The personal touch is what makes this academy worth every penny. I was never left alone to figure it out. I had a senior trader that helped me through the whole process. Top Traders Academy truly made me a better trader.
James Williams
Personal Trainer
This academy makes it easy for anyone to learn forex. The video trainings are really in-depth! Kleveland breaks down every part of the their strategy! Nothing was left behind. Totally worth it.
Spencer Leeham
Computer Engineer
I wish I would of discovered them a lot sooner. Top Trader Academy has traders who really know how to trade and they care about their members. You can't get better than that.

I won Top Trader of the Week 3 times so i must be doing something right lol! Everything is great guys, thanks again!

Jessy Ryans
Accountant , NYC

I wasted too much time on technicals and not enough time on the reasons why the markets really moves. Most of the Academy info isn't even on the internet lol.. Stop wasting your time and learn from the team!

Mark Williams
Teacher, CA

The $147 a month has been the best investment iv made in this industry so far. Spend a decent amount of money on bad training before Top Traders, would highly suggest locking in !

Andrew Washington
Software Dev, GA

Kleveland is the kind of mentor that gives you his all and will do anything to see his students succeed. Thank you for being patient with me man, and truly helping me come profitable!

Abula Rigard
Freelance Consulting, UK

The personal touch is what makes this academy worth every penny. I was never left alone to figure it out. I had a senior trader that helped me through the whole process. The Academy truly makes you a better trader.

Ryan Downing, PA
Finance Student, MA

This academy makes it easy for anyone to learn forex. The video trainings are really in-depth! Kleveland breaks down every part of the their strategy! Nothing was left behind. Totally worth it.

Adrian Kimball
Drop shipping, FL


Learn From True Professionals

Most "self-taught" educators ONLY have retail experience & have never been anywhere close to a professional trading environment. This is a massive a pain point for their members. The leaders at the Top Trader Academy have collegiate training &  were taught how to grow/manage currency portfolios directly under some of the best fund managers in the United States.

Trader Development
Learn the key institutional process to scaling a novice trader to profitable in under 3 months
Schedule weekly 1v1 calls, personal office visits, & weekend workshops at anytime with any senior trader.
Dedicated Traders Only

Our focused group of traders are unlike what you run into online. Many of our members have scaled their trading accounts anywhere from $25,000- $100,000+ and are extremely serious about staying consistent in the business. This environment fuels our incoming members growth massively & allows them to work directly with older members whos results speak for them. So not only can you talk with your senior trader, you can safely connect with other members.

Member Competitions
Our competitive members compete amongst each other weekly to win our trading gear & cash prizes. Trader who performs the best each week, within our guidelines, win.
Local Member Meetup
Our members are across the globe & in almost every major city. We connect you with those in your area automatically. To share knowledge & network
Once a Top Trader Always....

A Top Trader. We make a commitment to ALL our members that no matter how long ago they went through our training, they can go back through our training & program either for free, or a small reactivation fee. Our 1v1 training last for 45 days BUT our membership is lifetime, Never hesitate to reach back out for guidance or updates.

Lifetime membership
Stay connected with our team & growing company for life after your coaching. We want to be your partner for life!
Early Access ADmission
Upon the launch of a new product, our previous members can test & have access for free every launch. We are consistently improving & leading the industry in retail trader development, so this is a massive benefit.

Every traders optimal training to

Gain full access to:
Weekly Webinars
45 hrs of video training
Trading Signals
45 Day Guide to Profitability
Member Competitions & Giveaways
Exclusive Data & Software
**Private mentorship
Pricing upon request only.


Is the Top Trader Academy private mentorship only?

Yes, we no long allow memberships unless we can work directly with you on a weekly basis for 45- 60 days. The results of video lesson members vs private/group training members was so vast, we decided to cut video lesson memberships.Our private members still watch our video lessons, but that is just one part of a very in-depth training program. Our members can either work with us 1v1 online or come into one of our NYC or Atlanta offices. We HIGHLY encourage you work directly with a trading mentor & not simply buy training videos.
If you previously bought training videos from us and would like to join the private/group trainings, contact support@motivfx.com

Do we teach swing trading or day trading?

Our research has show us when it comes to day trading vs swing trader, the retail trader that selects swing trading as their core methodology has a much higher chance to reaching profitability. Not only that, most retail traders cant handle the time commitment to day trader. So we we put the ball in your court & give members what the need, not what they want. if you want a day trading program, the Academy isnt for you.

Is this monthly or a lifetime membership?

The Top Trader Academy is a one-time investment that pays you forever. No education program should be monthly, we want you to grow & eventually not need a weekly coach drilling knowledge & information into your head. If you are not ready to join the academy, you can subscribe to our monthly signal service.

Are their Weekly Webinars?

Every Sunday & Thursday, our members are just a few clicks away from us breaking markets down to the core. We believe deeply in using fundamental analysis, and think all our members should know exactly what is going on in global markets. Seeing a professional trader break down & assess markets every week is crucial for up & coming retail traders. Get deep insights on how we interpret fundamental data, manage & place live positions, & much more. All webinars are live Q&A and recorded.

Can I get a refund?

We have a no refund policy. Once you join the academy, we lend you ownership of all Top Trader intellectual property. Signal members have a 3 day refund policy.