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Are you experiencing disposition effect in your trading?

Trading psychology is one of the most important factors in your success. You need to understand the bad human habits better, so you can be more aware of your own. Disposition effect is the most common among new traders.
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Really Australia..4 times? Watch out for the Aussie dollar.

The Australian dollar has cut rates 3 times in 2019 with another possibly on its way. Aussie could be a currency to watch in 2020. Make sure you follow along with the fundamentals so you can align yourself properly.

2020 could be the year of QE in Japan.

The Bank of Japan is notorious for its massive stimulus packages. With inflation running well below their 2% target, Kuroda is expected to push through another round of Quantitative Easing. If the central bank follow through, this will have massive fundamental implications in the forex market.
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Know this MAJOR fundamental indicator! CPI & Inflation

Inflation is major component when it comes to central bank decisions on interest rates. This major indicator is market moving and is important for any fundamental Forex trader to analyze.
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BREXIT UPDATE! What happens now?

The Pound currency has rallied massively the last month. Boris Johnson has kept his role as the Prime Minister. We are now able to move on to the next phase of the Brexit process. Know whats about to happen next so you can capitalize!
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3 secrets the Forex industry won't tell you

There are many misconceptions with retail traders entering the Forex industry. Don't be held back by these common myths you may hear or see. Become a more knowledgeable trader.
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Will the trade war end in 2020? There is a possibility!

The US/China Trade war has been one of the biggest fundamental catalysts this year. Here you can find more information on what to expect in 2020.
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Central Bank Balance Sheet

Every Central Bank has a balance sheet and is important to understanding what is on it. Central banks are one of the biggest movers in the Forex market. Don't you want to know what their next move is?

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